AFF Gallery


7 thoughts on “AFF Gallery

  1. Hello i would like to request for a poster please ^-^

  2. oohh my god ! your posters are amazing unnie^^ i really love it !!!! i have send my request through AFF…..really your designs are luxury and somehow gorgeous ! aaaahh love it really !

    • OMG thank you for your compliment
      Please wait for it ^^
      I just arrived home from a week-vacation
      So I’m so sorry it takes so long

  3. unni! kenapa unni ga buat tutorial poster? ;;; aku pengen banget belajar bikin poster yang kaya unni. keren astaga;;;

  4. elisalysa

    Hai~ minhae nde aku promote
    ayo.. Bagi kalian yang suka edit mengedit/ gemar bermain dengan photoshop
    Gabung ya ke masih blog baru jadi membutuhkan banyak costumer dan artwork pastinya^^

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