HunHan Birthday Gifts

At the time I saw it, I swear, speechless! Twinned Poison, HUNHAN fansite just gave them some exclusive couple stuff as birthday gifts. Really made my jaw drop! Twinned Poison daebak! Their birthday plan is too epic for me as HunHan shipper *sobbing* HunHan should wear all of it! The lovely things are the birthday cake. It were taken from teaser 9, HUNHAN, OMG I’m dying! Those photobooks… I’m craving it! Too sweet!


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4 thoughts on “HunHan Birthday Gifts

  1. it’s too exclusive
    i’m hunhan shipper too ^^

    • Hai hai hai
      HunHan shipper detected ^^
      Too exclusive, I think so
      But except Twinned Poison, no other fansite noona would give those exclusive couple stuff right?

  2. Reblogged this on shocking pink and commented:
    gilak itu braceletnya molenz banget kerenya >< oohhh hunhan… yeah i know why their called twinned poison ;;___;;

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