[Diary] The Beautiful Side of “I Miss You”


Hellow! (^O^)/

I’m back with another post of I Miss You drama since I’m so in love with Park Yoochun. Don’t you realize that every korean drama always have their own beautiful side?  We can’t find it in other drama and become the particularity of it. This time I wanna share what’s on my mind about this drama.

1. Clothespin


Look at the clothespin on Soo Yeon’s hair. First I thought it was just ordinary hairpin. But on episode 2, after Jung Woo clipped it on her hair OMG! That was an extraordinary hairpin that actually a clothespin LMAO! In real life, I’ve ever tried to clip the clothespin on my hair and stopped doing that after my friends called me such a lunatic XD

2. Yellow Umbrella



Soo Yeon’s yellow umbrella is famous enough to make me wanna buy one too and hang the green paper “This umbrella belongs to famous girl, Lee Soo Yeon.” I hope everyday will rain so I can take out my yellow umbrella  then.

3. Magic Hand


SWAAAAHHH!!!!! and your bad memories will be erased. This magic hand belongs to Jung Woo. I’ve ever did it too hahaha… My friend laughed at me. How romantic!!!

4. Street Light

I Miss You aka Missing You 보고싶다.FLV_000037708

Unfortunately, there’s no tiny street light near my house. It will be very dramatic if I could do the scene on the picture. But definitely not as dramatic as Jung Woo and Soo Yeon -___-

5. Droplet of Raindrop


Have you watched it in every scene of this drama? Soo Yeon always made a droplet of raindrop while thinking about her feeling. Coming… Not coming… It will stop rain… It won’t stop rain… I like him… I don’t like him… So did Jung Woo. If a droplet of raindrop creates five waves, she will know her feeling.

6. Magic Castle


Soo Yeon and Jung Woo’s favorite song ever and always set the song as alarm on 7 o’clock. For you Cassiopeia must be very excited because of this. The fact of “Always Keep The Faith.” Yoochun still keep the promise. Watch DBSK version here:

7. The Wind Blows


“I’m not crying because I’m sad. The wind is blowing. So it makes my eyes water.” I love it so much.

Anything else? There are so much lovable moment in this drama. Later I’ll share you the preview video of episode 14 if the owner of it has uploaded it okay? I don’t own the video. I just share it to you. Let’s make a discussion! Leave your comment below please!

Picture Credit: to the owner

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