121130 EXO at MAMA 2012 in Hongkong


I missed the red carpet part. My sister carelessly watched Yoochun’s drama on my laptop. When I tried to have streaming on my Android, it was useless. Couldn’t stop buffering. I was shrieking at her and finally she surrendered. After entering their official Youtube, EXO had passed by not too long ago ;A; They wore white suit just like angels, walked through the red carpet confidently, and waved hand. Couldn’t endure my feels T^T

They showed a very special performance too. MAMA, H.O.T song *I’m not sure exactly bout the title, MIROTIC, and Lucifer. Oh, dear! MIROTIC is my favorite DBSK song ever and they were more than just perfect. I love Kai and Kris’ rap part replacing Yunho and Yoochun. Baekhyun’s scream too aigoo he reached that high tone >< After that, Jongdae surprised me with his “Lushipeo” hahaha my stomach :’D

When the winner of the best new male artist was announced, I raised one of my eyebrow. It was Busker Busker. I wondered who they were because we had known so may rookies debuted this year. So many nugu. At first, I couldn’t accept the fact that they would bring home EXO’s trophy and felt all my effort to vote from morning till next morning was useless. Lemme laugh out loud. MAMA was trolling us I thought. But how could SM sent their artist to end up not winning in all category. They weren’t not stupid. So perhaps there was a chance to win another category and at the end they did it. They won the best new male asian artist. Not just EXO-K, but included EXO-M too as EXO ;A; MAMA please accept my apology for cursing you previously. I love you! There were so much HunHan moment too on stage >///< Ahh my OTP

Well, congratulation my dear EXO! Have party in the house then! Make a new history in the future again.

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