HunHan Dating in Singapore

I was entering tweetcaster and found this pic shared by HunHan fanbases. KYAAAAAA!!!!! I screamed out loud hahaha couldn’t endure it! Really! Blessed the photographers, crews, and SM!!! They looked like a newlywed who were going to have honeymoon. It maybe was taken on a cruise there. The settings were so beautiful and romantic. It surely matched. They were such twins in the pic huh?

Luhan’s jacket was the point. STAYREAL. Lulu, did you deliberately wanna show it to us? Okay then STAYREAL ever ever after! Well actually, there’s so much words to say but I can’t stop this over excited feelings! Growing fast as fast as HunHan’s love ^^

♥♥ my romantic OTP

I regret nothing for being your shipper ♥♥

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