Samsung ATIV Smart PC with EXO-K

I made this post because of EXO-K. Felt so overwhelming and stunning when I opened the video link on my twitter since I had been insane for them to comeback. After that Suho appeared with his killer over handsome face touching me on the screen ;A; my heart was beating crazily and couldn’t wink at that time whenever he made some pretty romantic glowings. Then Sehun and Chanyeol came with simple dance. Ahh, maknae surprised me so badly! His hair went green. I thought it was just the highlight or some effects from CF, but after seeing behind the scene picture… okay, stop! Chanyeol, no more curly hair for him. Genie era is back. Outstanding! Next, Baekhyun and D.O did powerful dance. There were some difficult movings but they did great. Awesome! But for you, Baekhyun, your expression LOL, you should see it yourself! Kai did solo dance after that as usual. Some movings were the new creation of “Machine” dance. Unfortunately, SM didn’t give any chance for Suho to dance. I’m wondering why.

Couldn’t stop replaying this cool advertisement. Blessed Samsung for choosing EXO-K. If EXO really cameback with new album, perhaps I’m gonna get comatose state first because even just it was a CF but successfully made me over excited. Chanyeol’s rap became my favorit part. I sensed this song will be included in their album later. Who knows? But I had some complaints. Why did they wear the same outfits just like on their MAMA MV or mini showcase in Thailand? To built image? Or nothing to wear anymore?

This smart PC kinda made my PC looked stupid. So classy, slim, stylish, and sophisticated. What if I buy that and get free of EXO member? How could I buy it? Why did EXO always promote any expensive things such as car and PC?

It’s the freedom
You’ve got to grab it if you don’t take it down
Freedom power
Show your belly till you got no doubt
Unite in power
Together as one we take control
You better wake up
Get ready be a second to none

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