Yoochun’s Drama: Missing You (Bogoshipda)

Crying… Not crying…

Coming… Not coming…

I’m Han Jeong Woo, 15 years old

I’ll never pretend not to know about you

It’s aired every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC channel and unfortunately I had already missed the premiere. Gosh! What were I doing at that time? Busy with some terrible works. Yeah, campus life! Whereas I planned to have streaming the premiere totally fed me up. Too late! But felt so hilarious when my timeline showed some preview videos from the first episode and shared its engsub links two days later. Yoochun, you killed me! XD *but why am I still here? Hahaha…

I cried a lot, jeongmal! Cried a Han river! Made my heart pounded. Such a beautiful mellow romantic drama. It was just the beginning, how about the next episode? Gonna have flood of tears. From the start I really anticipated this drama because of Yoochun. That was the only reason why! This man successfully owned my heart since Sungkyunkwan Scandal era. Now just getting a little bit remorse for not being a Cassiopeia after a long time.

Well, speaking bout Yoochun, I realized he’s always paired with some pretty, nice, worldly wise, experienced, sexy noonas in drama. Let see these most wanted actresses! Park Min Yong, Lee Da Hae, Han Ji Min, dan now Yoon Eun Hye. As a fan, I don’t deserve to be jealous, but I’m proud of him. It means he’s good enough to get along with them.

Now, how bout EXO on drama scene later? I guess Suho is suitable for this since his specialty is acting. It’s written on official web. I’ll be waiting!

The first love that made the heart flutter

The love like hide and seek

I’m missing you

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