College Life

Taking a new amount of responsibility

Time to get the future started

I need to read more journals, literatures, and other boring papers to achieve the purpose of life, to compete with other genious people to get a prestigious job, and to reach the top. Explaining how important education in someone else’s life, I’m 100% agree. But why did Sehun bravely decide to not enter the college this year while actually he definitely can? Not because of his career’s schedule but from my point of view, well how to say this! He’s gettin’ tired. So am I. When will this end? Soon or later! Even though like this, I should just enjoy this hard period and keep trying to do a great work to get A on minithesis by studying seriuosly.

Me: Now how to make it up?

A: Just through it!

Me: I’m sick of this life!

A: You’ll mess up then because you easily surrender. Bring honour to your family

Q: If I could graduate right now…

A: Almost!

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